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The Fool and His Pride

Pride is the self-made great “I AM.”

It is the root of anger unto unforgiveness. It refuses to let go of wrongs committed against us. It makes a slave of the man who will not forgive and puts him in danger of hell’s flames for he cannot be forgiven until he himself forgives.

It is the root of unforgiveness unto bitterness. No man can keep his bitterness contained. It spreads like a cancer through his life & the lives of those around him. His anger and hostility chain his soul and his spirit to the walls of his self-imposed prison of darkness. The bitter man lives alone with the demons of the past. He lives without his God for he has no need of Him.

Pride is the destroyer that leaves nothing standing in its wake. It raises a defiant fist in the Face of Love Himself. It is the beast that stands in the darkness of his own prison and pounds on his chest –

“I AM lord and master!”


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