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Streams of Blessings

On June 4th, 2010, my Beloved and I saw our youngest Son marry his beautiful and vivacious fiance. I’m not quite sure what my Covenant Spouse was thinking during the ceremony – but I’m quite certain he heard the words in the Covenant Vows spoken and made by our Son, his new wife and their God. I’m also certain that they had an impact on the heart he has tried so hard to keep away from his God – and me, his Covenant Wife.

Before the big event – me being very nervous with all sorts of thoughts and even fears running through my mind – I had dressed and come down the stairs. I saw him in the dining room and went to him and asked him how I looked – was what I was wearing “ok” for the ceremony. In a split second in time, I saw on his face approval and the words that flowed from his mouth were so precious to me that in my heart I was praising God for this “tiny blessing.” My Covenant husband said to me “you look good; you look really good to me CeCe.” I was so overcome by what he said I started to tear up. In one moment in time I saw how he does still love me. In one moment in time, I saw the recognition that only a husband and wife share when they are one. In one precious moment in time, I saw the heart of my Beloved…

Later when we were driving to pick up the cake, he told me again; “you look very good, very classy – but then you’ve always had a knack for being that way.”

Lord! I didn’t know what to think but I thanked him for being kind. In my heart I was praising my Jesus for this “tiny blessing.”

Later that night, as we were driving home from the coast where we had a family dinner with the new Groom and His Bride, I had fallen asleep. I was exhausted. When we came close to the house, I woke to his hand gently touching my knee and the sound of his soft voice saying “hey babe, we’re almost home.”

My Jesus! More than anything, whether or not he knows it, he was speaking the words of my Savior. “We’re almost there.” It was like a prophecy and promise spoken out loud from my Lord. Another “tiny blessing.”

There are more of those. “tiny blessings” given to me over the course of two weeks. My Beloved has called me “babe” several times now; told me how nice I look; and said he was sorry for certain things.

These are the things we take for granted on a daily basis. But I can assure you from a Stander’s point of view, they are the sweet smell of salvation and restoration unto reconciliation. When you haven’t heard these things in what seems like forever, there is nothing but nothing that can replace or mean as much as these “tiny blessings.”

If you think your Father in heaven isn’t hearing the cries of your heart, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He loves you and your Covenant Mate more than anything and desires to see you reconciled more than you do – especially when He gives you “tiny blessings” like drops of rain on a parched and deserted land.

…and how precious they are.


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