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Only Be Willing

Maybe you’re in the middle of serious marital conflict. Maybe you’re already separated or even divorced. Maybe you think it’s hopeless to continue to try – or even try again. Maybe you’re even wondering why you might be thinking of trying – but you quickly dismiss the thought with all sorts of excuses and justifications. You might think you’re going crazy for considering the thought!

Guess what? Any Stander has been there – and I think most all of us wrestle in the flesh and compare what we are going through with what our spirit is telling us. Know this: The thought of trying again – no matter your set of circumstances – is from God! He is letting you know He wants you to Stand in the Gap for your Marriage. It starts as a subtle thought and grows – if you’re attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit within.

In my own Stand, I still can’t pinpoint when God started speaking to me about Standing for the restoration of my One-flesh Covenant Marriage. I dismissed it as crazy thoughts until it was so strong, I had to stop and seek God’s Face through prayer. Clearly through a series of events that took place around that time, He led me to understand that He was trying to get my attention. . . I had seriously ignored Him up to this point and I knew that if I continued, I would be in serious trouble with Him.

I finally asked God if He would restore my Marriage, would He give me the strength to Stand – NO MATTER WHAT; if He would give me an unconditional and forgiving heart and spirit. He said to me “Only be willing.”

Shortly after, He lead me to a devotional written by Andrew Murray. It follows:

“Give your whole being to God without holding back and without doubting. He will prove Himself to you, and work in you that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ. Keep His ways as you know them in the Word. Keep His Ways. . . Keep His ways as the Holy Spirit suggests.

“Do not think of waiting on God while you say you are not willing to walk in His path.

“However weak you feel, only be willing, and He Who has worked to will, will work to do by HIS power. . .

“. . . So come with every temptation you feel in yourself, every memory of unwillingness, unwatchfulness, unfaithfulness, and all that causes your unceasing self-condemnation. Put your powerlessness in God’s almighty power and find in waiting on God your deliverance.”

Did you notice what He told me in answer to my prayer and how it linked to wording in the devotional? Only be willing. . . .

Dear Stander, if you’re searching for and reading anything to do with God healing your Marriage, He is speaking to YOU. Don’t walk away. He’s calling you to Stand. Stand firm in your place. Do not give up the fight for your Marriage or home – no matter if you are already divorced. Fight the battle on your knees – not in the courtroom!

No matter what happens, no matter if you think you’ve missed the mark and you’re not hearing God, wait on and trust in your mighty God. Just think, if you can’t believe Him for the salvation of your Marriage, how can you trust and believe Him for eternal salvation – for you? Your Covenant Spouse? Your Children? What can you trust Him for?

Trust and obey for there’s no other way but to trust and obey. . .

Only be willing. . .


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